We help you and your customers to increase sales!


You can write to users on more lists at the same time and comunicate with them in every moment.

Just send you message. You can organize quickly your contacts based on interest and keep your list organized, so you can send segmented messages with high score on convertion rate.

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Set automatic messages that do the work for you. Every time a user becames a subscriber he will receive your sales offer. Just immagine to have a complete sales deparment works all day 24h for you…

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A brand new system for working with different people with just one sales page. Everyone can send the traffic and contacts. They will be split and each followup will be personalized with the specific name of the sender (not just the recipient).

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With this system you can manage one single ads campaign and share the subscribers based upon the quota.

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Create private areas for your customers inside your site. You can create private pages or make the whole site private, accessible only by customers.

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We help you to grow your business
There are many reasons why to choose us, find out more.

Easy integration

You can easy integrate with konora system like WordPress, Facebook, Paypal, Joomla and more.

Expert on your avaiability

Out expert team in marketing and more is always avaiable to help your business grow.

Leader on deliverability

Make sure that message will be read by you subscriber with an efficient deliverability system!

Easy setting

You can migrate your contact easy in a few minutes without opt-in.

Automatize all your process

Automatize all your process of your business with high flessibility in one centralized platform for your sales and marketing, with ALL necessary service to sales online

Global Controll

Get global control about relation with your contacts through CRM


Easy to use and intuitive, with personal training and online tutorial to use deep and effective.


Who does Business loves us.

Konora is superior to other software marketing. It ‘really the secret weapon!

Mirko Castignani

Product Manager

Essential to everyone who want to promote himself and his business on the web. Make easy to understood have to move on the web.

Cristian Menghetti


I was so lucky to kwon Konora, all the system give me the opportunity to turn up my online business. I had all the instrument to create and manage my Marketing Campaing to find users and convert into a customers. Compliments!

Anna Sousa


All this tool are using every day by dozen of my customers, small busienss owner. I can garantee that this tool works and they can turn up your sales, thanks to the web.

Davide Berello

Sales Manager